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Toni Hill with Northeast Mississippi Birthing Project

“I'm proud of our high energy and impact in the community. Our breastfeeding initiation rate – when we had paid staff – was 98 percent. Our numbers now are a little lower – we’re at 92% with only three of us volunteering. It helps me to know at the end of the year, this work has been worth it. ”

Babette Cromartie of Youth Organizing Institute

“It does not make sense to turn young people back to the environment that had them act out in the first place. Restorative justice and lowering suspensions help make schools safe for everyone especially marginalized students.”

Natasha Thomas-Jackson with NextGen America

“I’m interested in having brave conversations. Social justice involves our own personal and spiritual transformation as well as our work in the community.”

Jeronimo Saldana with Mijente

“Moving all of us from a place of hate for our selves and others to a place where we are connected and can show up for one another is my why.”

Micky Alexander of Southerners On New Ground

“Some organizations have this way of talking about queerness like it's an overarching you have no other identity and like nothing else is important. There are so many layers that get ignored.”

Khadim Niang with African Communities Together

“The positive is that this moment is bringing us together because we know that we are all target and this is happening to all of us. But that's not to say it hasn't been an absolute nightmare--protecting our members from the harsh and racist policies under Trump is an ongoing struggle.”

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