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Sacajawea Hall of Cooperation Jackson

“Our relationship to land is not limited to slave history and sharecropping history. We have to think about land in new ways and draw inspiration from the ways Black folks have interacted with land for self-determination and collective healing.”

Angelique Webster, Independent Filmmaker

“Nothing has really changed. It doesn't matter who is president--now it's just more prevalent and it's out there but it's always been there for our people. But the accessibility to see the work and more people doing the work of looking at things that we don't want to see make it more appealing. ”

Erin Shigaki of Purple Gate Design

“My grandparents' and community's silence and struggle around the Japanese American incarceration has always been a flashpoint for me to stand up against injustice against any people. ”

Raphael Mina Eisa of Deep Center

“I am not willing to throw away my community and say I wont engage them but I will challenge their anti-Blackness.”

Toni Hill of Northeast Mississippi Birthing Project

“I'm proud of our high energy and impact in the community. Our breastfeeding initiation rate – when we had paid staff – was 98 percent. Our numbers now are a little lower – we’re at 92% with only three of us volunteering. It helps me to know at the end of the year, this work has been worth it. ”

Babette Cromartie of Youth Organizing Institute

“It does not make sense to turn young people back to the environment that had them act out in the first place. Restorative justice and lowering suspensions help make schools safe for everyone especially marginalized students.”

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