About AMP

AMP: grassroots² is a new story-driven platform for fundraising and connection with grassroots activists and artists of color who are fighting for the world of our dreams. AMP is about the stories and voices behind people powered change. Often, we hear about organizations and campaigns before we hear, if ever, about the people behind them. We want the voices and stories of community rooted activists to be the engine for engagement because we know that the backbone of any social movement goes well beyond organizations and leaders with name recognition.

Ultimately, we want AMP to become an archive of our resistance, to show our older selves and future generations what the struggle for love and justice looked like today and how it was embodied in the stories of remarkable grassroots leaders.

Who is Behind AMP?

Resonance is a network of progressive communicators devoted to supporting frontline activists committed to realizing equity and justice. We partner with organizations to amplify their efforts, build their brands and become even more adept in using communications as a tool for organizing. In the same way that our freedoms are bound together, we believe that we all have a role to play in supporting one another’s struggles and efforts. The role we are devoted to playing at Resonance is to support organizations in acquiring the skills and capacity necessary to becoming fiercely committed to results-enhancing strategic communications.

The Radical Communicators (RadComm) Network was founded the day after the 2016 presidential election by Shanelle Matthews, a longtime communications strategist and former Director of Communications for Black Lives Matters. RadComm serves as an online meeting space for people working within social change and public interest communications who are committed to taking a radical approach to winning. In this group, we work together to ideate, develop, implement, and evaluate innovative approaches to communications across geography and issues. The RadComm Network grew out of a desire for significant ideological intervention in the face of a perniciously changing political landscape.

Trasaterra is a multi-disciplinary design boutique focused on design for brand and web located in New York City. Our collaboration has created an environment where ideas flourish and are translated into sophisticated design solutions. Our iterative approach ensures that client goals are realized at every stage of the creative process. Drawing upon years of experience integrating design with strategy and technology, we create engaging and dynamic brand experiences. We strive to create work that is distinct, effective, inspirational and forward-thinking.