AMP: Grassroots²

Detroit, Michigan

Atieno Imbuchi, filmmaker and organizer

Tell us about who you are and your work I am Atieno, and I am running to be the first African Woman Mayor of Detroit ( 2021). I am a dETroIT Afrikan woman, a griot, an urban farmer turned chef, and politician. I am a mother of 4 African American children. I was part of the inaugural Detroit Narrative Agency (DNA) cohort with my award winning, internationally syndicated short film, Sidelots.

What is your post Covid-19 dream? My dream for the world is Steve Biko’s dream, and Thomas Sankara’s Dream, and Amilcar Cabral’s dream, and Kwame Nkrumah’s. It is the dream of my African ancestors, Toussaint Louverture, Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman, Fannie Lou Hamer and Njinga Mbande and many many others. I continue, with the grief of the lives our great black Mecca has lost to Covid-19, and the health crisis associated with it. I lean in to the spirit of our motherland, Africa, and to the spirit, words, music, missions of our ancestors, and to ask for mercy, for health, for life, for justice and dignity for all our African people, here in Detroit, in Paris, in Johannesburg, and Nairobi. I have been shocked! I have been frightened! I am still not yet sure that I will survive this, but my people say that I will. That we will. We must. Somehow. I hang on tighter. To the spirit. To the names that I can remember. That I am begging. Come. See us. We are dying, still. We are suffering still. mama, we need reprieve. We need our right to a good healthful, dignified long life here in America and all across the world, and in our beloved mother land, Africa. Ase.