AMP: Grassroots²


Black Organizing Project

Vision: To build a strong bottom up organization of Black people that will: craft alternative models and institutions that will advance our vision of racial and economic justice; rebuild the spirit and foundation of our community; exercise political and economic power; act to win real systematic change; transform the lives of Black people; and embody the spirit that has sustained the Black community

Impact: The Black Organizing Project launched the Bettering Our School System campaign in October 2011, in response to the murder of 20-year old Raheim Brown by Oakland School Police Sgt. Barhin Bhatt. After months of research, strategy sessions and community outreach, BOP decided to launch the Bettering Our School System campaign to: end the criminalization of Black and Brown students in the Oakland Unified School District; invest in alternative models of school safety that don’t rely on police; and restructure the current policies and practices within OUSD that don’t take a restorative justice approach to student discipline and promotes the school to prison pipeline.