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Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice

Mission: Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice interrupts cycles of violence and poverty by motivating and empowering young people who are impacted by the criminal justice system to make positive change in their lives and become the community leaders of today.

Vision: Through our youth programs, life coaching, policy organizing and restorative retreats and trainings, we are building the world we believe in, where relationships matter and young people from all backgrounds are valued and supported in community.

Oakland Community Organizations (OCO)

Mission: The mission of Oakland Community Organizations is to develop leaders who build power through their congregations and schools to bring about systemic change and improve the quality of life for their families.

Impact: OCO leaders have learned how to listen to the pain and concerns of their neighbors, have courageously worked to bring people together, and have taken repeated risks when speaking out for needed change in public forums. The voices and victories of our leaders are well known from the offices of Oakland City Hall to the Governor’s Chambers. We want to honor the journey of each leader and tell the stories of so many of our modern-day heroes.

Crowd of Crowns

Underground Media Collective

Mission: The Underground Media Collective is re-imagining public media. We are a multimedia platform for storytelling and high-quality content. We are owned and shaped by community members through a cooperative model.

The Underground Media Collective was established to ensure the public narrative better reflects and serves marginalized communities. We amplify community voices. We provide access to comprehensive, nuanced information about critical issues. We produce and distribute content, track and train other media, and support and share content from community members – with fair compensation and protection of their intellectual and artistic rights.

We own our bias of social, economic, and racial justice and promote equity and social change.


Release Aging People in Prison (RAPP)

Mission: RAPP’s goal is to reduce the elderly prison population in the U.S. by 30% by 2022, from the time of the campaign’s launching in 2013.

Impact: Awareness of the harmful impact of the “punishment paradigm” and its disproportionate impact on those convicted of violent offense. Support for decreasing the elderly prison population. Reunification services for aging people released from prison.

Baltimore Action Legal Team

Mission: BALT provides legal support to Baltimore communities as they exercise their civil liberties protesting against injustices rooted in structural racism and economic inequality.

Impact: BALT has been key in training legal observers and directing observers at various protests and actions. Legal Observers (“LO’s”) are the eyes and ears of the legal team – they are tasked with observing and recording incidents and the activities of law enforcement in relation to protests. BALT also runs a 24/7 jail support hotline, provides care outside of the Baltimore City Detention Center (“BCDC”) upon inmate release (including meals, water, morale support, transportation, and medical support), identifies arrestees, directs legal volunteers to conduct jail visits, and helps to negotiate bonds and release.

Black Organizing Project

Vision: To build a strong bottom up organization of Black people that will: craft alternative models and institutions that will advance our vision of racial and economic justice; rebuild the spirit and foundation of our community; exercise political and economic power; act to win real systematic change; transform the lives of Black people; and embody the spirit that has sustained the Black community

Impact: The Black Organizing Project launched the Bettering Our School System campaign in October 2011, in response to the murder of 20-year old Raheim Brown by Oakland School Police Sgt. Barhin Bhatt. After months of research, strategy sessions and community outreach, BOP decided to launch the Bettering Our School System campaign to: end the criminalization of Black and Brown students in the Oakland Unified School District; invest in alternative models of school safety that don’t rely on police; and restructure the current policies and practices within OUSD that don’t take a restorative justice approach to student discipline and promotes the school to prison pipeline.


Story for All

Mission: We heal and transform communities through the sharing of stories.

Vision: At Story For All, we harness this power of story to document, preserve, share and promote dialogue around valuable wisdom and experiences, promoting cultural traditions as well as tolerance, respect, and health.


Out for Justice

Mission: Out For Justice is an ex-offender, member led organization that promotes policy reform of policies that adversely affect the ex-offender re-entering into society successfully. Out For Justice strives to change the perception of the ex-offender by promoting the 3 Es, education, empowerment, and engagement.

Vision: A criminal record comes loaded with negative connotations and burdens that people carry with them long after their prison sentences have been served, including disenfranchisement, exclusion from certain professions and in some instances continued monitoring by the state. As the nation faces a huge increase in ex-offenders re-entering society it is important to address the treatment of an under-represented but growing percentage of our population. Ex-offenders no longer make up a negligible percentage of our population. According to the United States Department of Justice, “in 2008, over 7.3 million people were on probation, in jail or prison, or on parole,” which amounts to 1 in every 31 adults (Bureau of Justice Statistics 2008) As this marginalized group continues to grow, it becomes part of the general population’s responsibility to assist their re-entry into society.

Cities United

Vision: Cities United is committed to restoring hope to their communities and building pathways to justice, employment, education, and increased opportunities for residents.

Mission: Launched in 2011, Cities United is a national movement focused on eliminating the violence in American cities related to African American men and boys. The 92 mayors (and counting) participating in Cities United intend to reduce homicides in their cities by 50%, by the year 2025.

Philadelphia Student Union

Mission: The Philadelphia Student Union exists to build the power of young people to demand a high quality education in the Philadelphia public school system. We are a youth led organization and we make positive changes in the short term by learning how to organize to build power. We also work toward becoming life-long learners and leaders who can bring diverse groups of people together to address the problems that our communities face.

Impact: In 2013, the Campaign for Nonviolent Schools won a pilot program to use restorative justice models in 10 Philadelphia high schools in the School District of Philadelphia and 2,000 students walked out of school to protest the impact that deeper budget cuts would have on their education. In 2014, Philadelphia Student Union members produced three short films on the topics of School Closures, the School-to-Prison Pipeline and Standardized Testing and organized a die-in along with Asian Americans United and Boat People SOS to protest violence in all forms in support of #BlackLivesMatter.

Gay and Lesbian Services of Western Youth Services

Mission: GLYS offers a variety of opportunities & services for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender & questioning
youth and their friends, ages 14-21.

Vision: Through GLYS outreach, other agencies learn about and increase their sensitivity to the needs of sexual minority youth. GLYS provides GLBTQ youth with positive role models. It promotes their self-esteem and the integration of these youth into the larger community. GLYS assists families with resources and referrals.

UNITEY Community Development Corporation

Vision: To be the community leader that increases access and awareness to resources producing skill sets that forms a prosperous and civic-minded future for Black youth and young adults.

Mission: To be a builder of positive powers that will enhance the potentials of Black youth ages 12 – 17 and young adults ages 18 – 26, thereby enabling them to efficiently navigate and be of service to their neighborhoods.

Million Hoodies Movement for Justice

Vision: To build next generation human rights leaders to end anti-black racism and systemic violence. Through transformative leadership development, grassroots organizing, advocacy, and education, Million Hoodies is home to a national network of students and young people of color, committed to building a movement for dignity and democracy where all Black and Brown people have social, political, cultural, economic freedom, and the right to be safe.

Impact: In 2012, Million Hoodies created a new tool to help track and document incidents of police misconduct and has since collected over 2,000 incidents of misconduct in New York City alone. The Million Hoodies national network that exist today officially launched in 2014, designed to develop a new generation of human rights leaders on the front lines for transformative social change. In partnership with, Million Hoodies successfully stopped Oklahoma from passing a discriminatory law that would criminalize Black youth from wearing hoodies in public spaces.


One Love Global

Mission: One Love Global is a small organization with big impact simply because we don’t try to do it alone. We specialize in community organizing and building networks within and across sectors.


Southside Together Organizing for Power (STOP)

Vision: STOP is a community organization that builds the power of residents on the Southside of Chicago to impact the forces and decisions affecting their lives. STOP fights for human rights to racial and economic justice through organizing, popular education, and leadership development amongst people most directly affected.

Impact: Accomplishments include stopping the displacement of 600+ low income black residents; bringing immediate redress to human rights violations at Cook County Juvenile Detention Center; stopping the closure of South Side mental health clinics; winning a commitment to build the only medical trauma center on the south side of Chicago; working to win $1M of investment into restorative justice alternatives to incarceration.

Southerners On New Ground

Vision:  SONG envisions a sustainable South that embodies the best of its freedom traditions and works towards the transformation of current economic, social, spiritual, and political relationships. SONG envisions a world where the 3rd shift factory worker and the drag queen at the bar down the block see their lives as connected and are working together for liberation.

Impact: SONG crafted the first-ever Southern, LGBTQ-led, traveling Organizing School for small towns and rural places all over the South and has trained over 100 Southern and national racial and economic justice organizations to integrate praxis around homophobia and transphobia into their work.