AMP: Grassroots²

Khadim Niang with African Communities Together

What do you do? I work with immigrants, CBOs, elected officials, and different coalitions to improve the state of African immigrants, primarily, but really all immigrants. I also advocate on behalf of refugees. We bring the voice of African immigrants into the fight for immigrant rights.

What is your why? This issue is close to me. I am a child of African immigrants so I know what it feels like to be forgotten. Navigating issues that we face here as immigrants is important that is why I work to be the bridge between policy and people. Bringing the Black voice into the  immigrant rights debate is important because one brush policy doesn’t work for everyone.

How has your work been different over the past year? Every day you don’t know what to expect. This administration’s policies make it so we are always on guard because we know anything can happen. I think immigrant groups are working more in coalition, we mobilize together, and we really look out for another. The positive is that this moment is bringing us together because we know that we are all target, this is happening to all of us. But that’s not to say it hasn’t been an absolute nightmare–protecting our members from the harsh and racist policies under Trump is an ongoing struggle.