AMP: Grassroots²


Kiana Jackson

What do you do? I co-create content that resonates. I love using the power of language and art to convey the human condition. We’re all living a unique human experience with common threads throughout, like love, loss, trials and triumphs. Stories are how we communicate our experience to ourselves and other people. Everyone has a story to tell, and I work with fellow storytellers to convey their messages with emotion and strategy. I work to create content that fulfills a strategic goal while invoking a sense of community between the viewer and the speaker. I’d like to expose my audiences to worlds of new possibilities both within themselves and within this world we share. My hope is that some of my work will help elevate the status of humanity on earth.

What is your why? Why do you do what you do?I do this work as an activist storyteller because I recognize that I am more than my physical being, as is every human being on earth. We are beyond that which we can experience with our physical senses, and that nonphysical, emotional thread is the one I try to tap into when I create. I believe that the emotional thread connects humanity and, when struck, harmonizes with the thread of action. We humans tend to act on emotion first and logic second, and in my work, I combine emotion and action to encourage and inspire my audience to act on what they feel to be right, justice and true.

How has your work been different over the past year? Over the past year, my work has changed in the manner of what “resistance” means to me. I’m a bit of a history buff, and today’s vile political and social climate are echoes of America’s ever-present nightmares; There hasn’t been a time in this nation’s history where political or social animus hasn’t been cast upon some group, either foreign or domestic. In the past year, I’ve slowly come to know that “resistance” to me means living my best life as a free intersectional Black woman in an America that values my corpse more than my life. I deserve to be happy, to love myself and to enjoy my life, and I work on living that life with every thought that I think. This kind of empowered, internal resistance against narratives that would have me second-guess my worthiness as a human being shines through in my work. I want people to feel and know that they are more than what the politicians or society says about them; each individual is a storyteller and they get to narrate their lives. That’s “resistance” to me, and I appreciate the contrast that helped me expand in this way.

The ask: I can be supported by helping raise funds for new equipment. By the end of the year, I’ll be starting a freelance communications consulting and content creation business, and I would appreciate financial support in that endeavor. I’m saving up for the following items: a Microsoft Surface Book 2; an Adobe CC subscription (I’m taking a training course now); website domain hosting; a new camera for photography and videography; a mic & field recorder for videography & podcasting; memory cards; business cards; and a DJI Osmo Mobile 2 digital gimbal for steady recording with my phone. All of these pieces of equipment will be used to facilitate my freelance activist storytelling endeavors through my forthcoming business.