AMP: Grassroots²



Congregations Organized for Prophetic Engagement

Vision: COPE is a faith-based organization, established by a core group of pastors, whose missions is to train and develop the capacity of religious and lay leaders in congregations and across California to protect and revitalize the communities in which they live, work, and worship.

Impact: Through leadership training, civic engagement, prisoner reentry and educational programs, to community organizing and empowerment, COPE seeks to support communities across California through a host of faith-led initiatives.

Transgender GenderVariant intersex Justice Program

Vision: TGI Justice Project is a group of transgender, gender variant and intersex people—inside and outside of prisons, jails and detention centers—creating a united family in the struggle for survival and freedom. TGI Justice seek to create a world rooted in self- determination, freedom of expression, and gender justice.

Impact: A grassroots re-entry program supports formally incarcerated people to intervene in the immediate harms and crises of re-enetry, and works to collectivize and politicize the process of community re-entry. Through legal aid clinics, mail writing campaigns,visitation programs, leadership development and more, TGI Justice works to build community in and outside prisons, and works toward equitable and humane solutions.

Social Justice Learning Institute

Vision: SJLI is dedicated to improving the education, health, and well being of youth and communities of color by empowering them to enact social change through research, training, and community mobilization. SJLI envisions communities where education empowers individuals to use their agency for the purpose of improving each other’s lives.

Impact: SJLI addresses health disparities through community development that is culturally relevant, and builds the capacity of individuals to make healthy decisions in their personal lives. The Educational Equity program specializes in culturally relevant learning, teaching, and curriculum development, including a creative arts summer course, which works in partnership with the ‘Health Equity’ program, which includes a ‘Health Fellowship’ program, an ‘Inglewood Farmers’ Markert’ and a community supported agriculture project, amongst much else.



Youth Alive!

Vision: Youth Alive’s! mission is to prevent gun violence and in turn create young leaders across Oakland, through a prevention, intervention and healing program. Youth Alive’s! works to educate and train young leaders to create more peaceful communities, interrupt cycles of violence, curb retributive justice, and to provide ongoing trauma support.

Impact: In ‘Teens on Target,’ students affected by violence learn to honor and use their own stories as a catalyst for change; STAT is a tool that helps identify neglected symptoms of trauma and to offer relief to the sufferer; Intervention specialists work with victims of violence at their hospital bedsides to curb retaliation, offer support and a path towards safety and healing.

Oakland Community Organization

Vision: OCO envisions an Oakland that is a safe and vibrant city united in ethnic, religious, and economic diversity. OCO’s vision is guided by their belief that dignity, respect and equality are a fundamental right of every family in this country.

Impact: OCO has helped secure the passage of  a parcel tax measure providing $16 million annually for violence reduction and community policing; led Community Benefits Coalition to secure agreement for 450 units of affordable housing and 300 new union apprentice construction jobs; organized legal support forums for immigrant families seeking citizenship; supported family oriented immigration reform legislation, amongst much else.

A New Way of Life Re-Entry Project

Vision: ANWOL works to empower, organize, and mobilize formerly incarcerated people as advocates for social change, by providing housing and re-entry programs, case management, pro bono legal services, advocacy, policy development, family reunification, and individual healing work.

Impact: 1,000+ women/children have found safety and support in re-entry homes; 300+ women have been reunited with their children; 3,500+ formerly homeless people have acquired items needed to establish their own homes; since its inception in 2007, ANWOL’s legal department has provided pro bono services to thousands and more.

The Community Action League

Vision: TCAL’s mission is to empower and improve the economic, political and social conditions of community residents within Antelope Valley and Los Angles. TCAL is a grassroots movement focused on establishing community bonds and on building a community, governed and empowered by the people.
Impact: From TCAL’s ‘Seniors First’ initiative to ‘ELITE: Elevating Leadership impact on the Economy,’ TCAL has various organizing based programs that engage and protect the civil rights of low income people in the Antelope Valley and wider Los Angeles community.

Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth

Vision: Coleman Advocates believes that all children and families deserve access to high quality education, living wage jobs, family-supporting benefits and affordable housing. Coleman believes that the voices and perspectives of low-income youth and parents are essential to developing real solutions for underserved public schools.

Impact: From the nation’s first tax set-aside for children’s services, alternatives to incarceration for vulnerable youth, to landmark education equity reforms, Coleman members have developed, advocated for, and won policy and budget changes that have improved conditions and expanded opportunities for children and families in San Francisco.

Campaign for Citizenship

Vision: CCISCO is committed to building civic engagement and increasing public participation by those most affected by injustice in Contra Costa County. CCISCO is a multi-racial, multi-generational, interfaith federation of 20 member institutions representing 38,000 families across the region.

Impact: Some key victories include: Shifting more than $5 million in alternatives to incarceration and housing, employment and services; Played a key role in helping to pass the “California Homeowner Bill of Rights”; Organized more than 80 night walks and engaged over 2,000 participants in taking concrete actions to reduce gun violence.



Brotherhood of Elders Network

Vision: BEN is an intergenerational network of men of African ancestry who foster environments where Black boys and young men are empowered to flourish. BEN strives to institute positive changes in the beliefs, behaviors, and overall achievements of Black boys and young men.

Impact: BEN advocate for males of African ancestry from infancy to adulthood. BEN leverages their resources and relationships to benefit Black boys and men, maintain cultural connections to African heritage, as well as work to advance and preserve the health and wellness of their community.

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

Vision: Following in the footsteps of Ella Baker, EBCHR organizes with Black, Brown, and low-income people to shift resources away from prisons and punishment, and towards opportunities that make communities safe, healthy, and strong through engaging in a process of truth and reinvestment.

Impact: EBCHR has helped close 5 out of 8 CA youth prisons and helped usher in an 85% reduction in the youth prison population; secured millions of dollars for reentry programs and services; created CA. first-ever support and advocacy network for over 1,400 families of incarcerated youth amongst much else.

Brave New Voices

Vision: By making the connection between poetry, spoken word, youth development and civic engagement, Youth Speaks aims to deconstruct dominant narratives in hopes of achieving a more inclusive, and active, culture. By providing free arts education to youth with limited access, Youth Speaks seek to empower young people with opportunities to discover and develop their own voices.

Impact: Poet Mentors facilitate writing, reading and speaking workshops. The Mentors serve as part of a classroom discourse. By sharing their own works, and providing  feedback for youth, mentors offer narrative and expository texts that are written in their original and natural language, collectively transforming the classroom from a site of teacher-centered instruction to a community that promotes student-centered thought and dialogue.

Anti Police- Terror Project

Vision: APTP is a Black-led, multi-racial, intergenerational coalition that seeks to build a replicable and sustainable model to eradicate police terror in communities of color. APTP is a group of concerned and committed institutions, organizations, and individuals dedicated to ending state-sanctioned murder and violence.

Impact: Through various direct-action trainings and events including ‘Reclaiming King’s Radical Legacy March,’ first responders trainings, monthly meetings, supporting families and communities affected by the criminal justice systems, and through the creation of policy platforms, APTP works to uplift POC affected by the U.S. criminal system, and build more resilient communities.

Pillars of the Community

Vision: Grounded in the Islamic faith tradition, Pillars is committed to embracing and celebrating the culture of Southeast San Diego. Pillars strives to counter the criminalization of its community through organizing, leadership development, and strategic partnerships. Pillars vision is for a healthy and thriving Southeast San Diego, which reflects the rich and diverse culture of all its members.

Impact: Through extensive surveying, and a range of programs run out of the Pillars ‘Storefront’ including: know your rights trainings, the ‘Peoples Power’ civic engagement initiative, and the series, ‘Reclaiming our Stories’ a community-based storytelling and writing group, Pillars is able to engage its community in criminal justice reform and faith-based restorative healing.

Children’s Defense Fund

Vision: CDF works to ensure every child a Healthy Start, a Head Start, a Fair Start, a Safe Start and a Moral Start in life and successful passage to adulthood. CDF provides a strong, effective and independent voice for children who cannot vote, lobby or speak for themselves.

Impact: CDF works closely with state and local child advocates as well as national organizations serving children through a variety of campaigns and initiatives. CDF champions public policies that expand opportunities for youth to grow up in safe neighborhoods, access comprehensive health coverage, and be educated in positive learning environments.

Black Women for Wellness

Vision: BWW is committed to the health and well-being of Black women and girls through health education, empowerment and advocacy. BWW aims to expand healthcare access, reduce toxic hair care chemicals that are prevalent in communities, and to build political advocacy in California and beyond.

Impact: BWW runs programs and initiatives centered in wellness and policy change including ‘Sisters in Control Reproductive Justice’ which supports reproductive justice policy. In addiction to this, BWW hosts ‘Sisters in Motion’ a health/wellness program, as well as ‘Sisters With Opions’, supporting access to quality health care, and the the community forum series, ‘Sisters @ Eight.

Food Chain Workers Alliance

Vision: The Alliance believes in a truly sustainable food system- a food system that is democratically controlled by communities that would produce food that everyone needs to lead productive lives. This would lead to jobs with dignity, livable wages, and would create an equitable food system that works for all.

Impact: The Alliance, which is made up of coalition of worker-based organizations, works together to build a more sustainable food system that respects workers’ rights, based on the principles of social, environmental and racial justice, in which everyone has access to healthy and affordable food.

Organizations United for Respect at Walmart

Vision: OURW envisions a future in which retail companies treat their employees with respect and dignity, and where Walmart leads this effort. OURW envisions a world where everyone can succeed in their careers, Walmart can succeed in business, customers receive great service and value.

Impact: OURW’s purpose is to help Walmart employees as individuals or groups in their dealings with Walmart over labor rights and standards and their efforts to have Walmart publicly commit to adhering to labor rights and standards.

California Alliance of African American Educators

Vision: CAAAE seeks to provide programs and services to students, families, and teachers in order to create culturally conscious African American students who are life-long learners and critical thinkers. CAAAE works to create a forum for the exchange of ideas and strategies to improve the educational opportunities and achievement for African American students.

Impact: CAAAE engages its constituency through various educational programs, college readiness initiatives, as well as professional development breakfasts. The ‘Green Scholars Program,’ for students interested in STEM has attributed to a 90% 4-year graduation rate for its graduates.


4 Your Epiphany

Vision: 4YE is a identity and empowerment organization that utilizes innovative approaches that connects all participant’s to a limitless future. 4YE’s Vision is to implement strategies, skills and tools making education and success equal for all.

Impact: As of 2015 4YE has served over 5,000 youth, educators and urban millennials in the Sacramento Region. 4YE implements programs to help close the achievement gaps in health, social, and academic disparities in education and success.