AMP: Grassroots²



Community Book Center

Vision: The Community Book Center is an African American centered book store, as well as an arts and crafts gift shop, serving as a community center for the greater New Orleans community.

Impact: Not only does The Community Book Center serve as a book store for its New Orleans community, but The Community Book Center also holds annual Kwanza celebrations, workshops on economic success, community development and more, as well as book talks, and documentary screenings.


Vision: Rethink supports youth of color in becoming thoughtful and capable leaders through the process of critically rethinking educational experiences, and taking action to create transformative systemic change.

Impact: Through Rethink’s leadership development programs, ‘Roots Crew Clubs’ and ‘Branch Division Collectives,’ Rethink engages young organizers across New Orleans, through paid internship opportunities, and by challenging young people to think critically about their social and political identities in relation to their education and beyond.

Family and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children

Vision: FFLIC is working to build a society based on the principles of racial justice, human rights, and full participation through their fight for justice for youth. FFLIC seeks to build a truly democratic, multiracial organization whose membership reflects the communities they come from.

Impact: Through empowerment, leadership development, and training, FFLIC works to keep children from prison and support those who have and their families. In 2003, after years of work, FFLIC helped pass the Juvenile Justice Reform Act of 2003. This led to the closing of the Tallulah Correctional Center for Youth in 2004.